With our many years of experience in garment making, we have the ability to work with a variety of different fabrics and print developments. Our expertise is in developing Patterns from initial ideas, creating Samples, embroidery and embellishment developments , and finally Production

Over 30 years experienced pattern makers conceptualize the patterns through the use of drawings and sketches which the designer provides. We maintainan open communication with designers to envision they're original designs to translate into patterns. We are developing and creating patterns for a variety of clothing apparels women’s wear and men’s wear.

Understanding how materials respond to one another ­just which thread, just which element, just which machine is right for each job ­and delivering the job on time, is how we have gained our well known reputation for being the best in the business. We work with the best names in fashion because we do the best work in fashion. Our tech designers understand how to translate your design concept into a technical process that will be executed with detail and precision in the workroom.The studio is filled with highly skilled craftspeople, experienced technicians, and responsive tech designers adept at working together to meet seemingly impossible deadlines ­ all without sacrificing perfection. In both development and production, each piece is individually inspected before it is ever sent out. Our quality standards are unmatched in the industry—if it isn’t perfect, your customers will never see it.

Once approving the pattern work, embellishment and embroidery work, fabric selection then the designer is ready for a first proto sample which will be handled with caution and accuracy by DGN. Once we receive the corrected fist sample back from the designer we follow the design correction and all the detailed instruction from designer. We then proceed with a second follow up proto, but before its sent to the designer we make sure collectively as a team that it is up­to our high standards of manufacturing. Once the sample is approved we then proceed to the final garment with our excellent seamstress, cutters and hand sewing finishers produce the most beautiful final finishing. We can work with every kind of fabric from knit, chiffon, jersey, netting, denim, wool, leather, fur etc. We provide to alter sample garments as necessary to satisfy cost specification and manufacturing limitations.

Apparel production is a complex process involving a supply chain which must respond rapidly to the changing needs and tastes of consumers.
We provide the consulting for the important process discussing the technological improvements, which are transforming the speed, flexibility and productivity of the industry. Once we have developed salesman samples and you the customer is ready to start production, please take into consideration that we have a 45 day turnaround time. The 45 day turnaround time consist only when, the customer has approved the final production fitting, has approved the fabrics , colors and the final grading of each garment.